Which Ford Bronco Hoist A Top Sport Model Is Right for Me?

bronco hoist a top

The brand new 2022 Bronco Hoist A Top comes in four different trims which are Outer Banks, Big Bend and Badlands.  Even though the base model is well-equipped for a small crossover suv, customers still should check out the Big Bend model for their top pick. Even though the Big Bend model doesnt doesnt cost much more than the small crossover, it still does add more additional features, and it also offers other cool stuff that the base model does not. If you’re more interested in the more upscale model of the bronco, you’ll want to go towards the Outer Banks trim. And if you want a little bit more of an adventure then the Badlands is the perfect choice for you.

Bronco Sport

The Bronco Sport price starts around $28000 MSRP. The sports model comes with 180-horsepower as well as an eight speed automatic transmission and also four wheel drive. Some standard features will include cloth upholstery on the seats, a screen touch front screen, six-speaker stereo, wifi- bluetooth, carplay and usb ports. It will also have some standart driver assistance features like rearview camera, emergency braking, lane departure warning, pedestrian detection, lane assist and blind spot monitoring.

Bronco Bid Bend

 The Bronco Big Bend model price starts around $28,825 MSRP.  In addition to having the base trim features, this model also comes with some automatic features like satellite radio and climate control. The Big Bend model also has a convenience package that you can add on which includes power adjustable seat, heated steering, heated seats and wireless charging. There is also a Co-Pilot 360 Assist package for $895 that you can add on which includes cruise control, lane centering, steering assist, traffic recognition as well as navigation. You also have the option to add on a moonroof for $700.

Bronco Outer Banks

The Bronco Outer Banks model price starts at $ 33,000 msrp. Features that are included in the Outer Banks Model include heated seats, leather seats, and power adjustable seats, automatic climate control, heated steering wheel, remote start and push-start button. The outer banks model also offers an additional package called the Tech package which costs $1035 and adds a 10 inch speaker bang, HD radio as well as wireless device charging. You can as well add a moonroof $770 and the Co-Pilot 360 for $895.

Bronco Badlands

The Bronco Badlands Price starts around $3400 msrp. This is the only model that comes equipped with 250-horsepower as well as  a 2.0 turbocharged engine. The Bronco Badlands is one of the best SUVs when it comes to outdoor life, and it comes with standard off-road suspension, four wheel drive system, towing hooks, skid plates, trail control and front facing camera.

The 2022 Bronco Hoist A Top is one of the most impressive vehicles as far as SUVs and it’s a very enjoyable vehicle on regular roads as well. It comes with many cool features and plenty of intuitive technology.  Customers have also been saying that they are choosing the Bronco over the jeep because it’s overall a better SUV.