How Does Cryotherapy Park City Help Athletes Recover

cryotherapy park city

What exactly is Cryotherapy park city? Cryotherapy is basically a very cold treatment. Cryotherapy dates back a thousand years when they came up with an idea of using cold temperature for medical purposes. Now this treatment has found its way back into the modern world, and health care providers now use liquid nitrogen to help treat diseases like skin issues, cancer and warts.

There are few forms of cryotherapy that are offered to people. There are ice packs, ice baths and the latest growing way is whole body cryotherapy. Not many people really know about whole body cryotherapy and some may just have recently found out about it. But the term cryotherapy dates back all the way to the 1970’s.  A japanese doctor named Toshima Yamauchi used very extreme cold temperatures to help and treat his patients who had rheumatoid arthritis. He’s popular treatment gained traction in Europe and eventually became prominent in the United States. Doctors in the US used cryotherapy to help treat swelling and inflammation. 

The whole body cryotherapy works kind of like a big ice pack or a cold compressor but it’s in a machine setting where you can either sit or stand in a chamber. The cryotherapy treatment will last anywhere between two to four minutes, exposing your whole body to a temperature that is minus 200 and 300 degrees. The big idea of cryotherapy is to help treat inflammation and muscle pain. 

Cryotherapy For Athletes

The cryotherapy originally started out as traditional medicinal use but now it has found its way into sports medicine to help athletes reduce and delay muscle soreness and any other ailments.  The effects of cryotherapy are the same as what happens to your hands when they get really cold in the wintertime. The cryotherapy treatments can help move blood flow aways from desired areas in your body, which can limit the inflammatory cytokines. This is great because the fewer cytokines is better. Because too much inflammation can actually lead to pain and swelling. 

Pros Of Whole Body Cryotherapy 

Short Sessions

From your neck to toe, your whole entire body will be exposed to very cold temperatures for only 2 to 3 minutes. It can help repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation. In the cryotherapy session liquid nitrogen will be used to help cool the air around your body.  It might take an individual some time to recover after the treatment due to such a cold temperature on the body. Cryotherapy has also been effective in helping to lower muscle stiffness and soreness after hard training. That is why so many professional athletes prefer to do cryotherapy. 

Improves Blood Circulation

Once you leave the cryotherapy chamber, your blood vessels will expand and the blood surges back to extremities. Cryotherapy park city creates a rush of endorphins, which can make an individual feel better. The big temperature change reduces the core body temperature and the nervous system then gets activated due to sensory shock. It also increases better  blood flow through your whole entire body.